velvet monkey drawing update

The other day I added antiquing to the background of the velvet monkies drawing. I diluted Burnt Umber oil paint with Liquin and rubbed the mixture over the piece – but avoiding the monkies – with a paper towel. Then I removed much of the mixture with more rubbing with a paper towel. I was careful to work the paint into the various indentations, especially the writing which I wanted to stand out a little. The thinned paint dried overnight.

I think the piece needs something more, but I’m not sure what. I ordered some interference oil colors and may try those here and there.

I was planning to “crop” the piece on the table saw, but Shelley and my friend Nancy were both horrified at the idea. Of course the answer is no, I didn’t know how the saw would cut it, but I was going to try removing a small strip from one edge first as a test. They both said they liked the piece as it is, uncropped, because they find the raggedy edges interesting. I sort of agree with that. But I have a few test pencil strokes and even a small patch of metallic gold oil pastel at the edges where I thought they would later be removed by cropping. So, not sure what to do. I’ve simply set it aside – PROBLEM SOLVED!

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