Gourd update and new stuff

Monday Shelley and I got the juror’s results for the Mother Lode Show and we both got in!!!!!!! Shelley’s pastel of her cat Pumpkin was accepted, as was my pastel painting of Sparkle and the Paradise gourd I wrote about a few weeks ago. The gourd got 12 out of 12 possible points from the juror, so I’m VERY happy. Of course that is only one person’s opinion, but I’m happy to have it. The show starts in mid-August.

Meanwhile I’ve been on to new things. I’m still planning to get back to the parrot pastel painting, but I am waiting for the arrival of some new green pastels I ordered. After all, when in doubt, order more colors! So, while I’m waiting, I’m back to polymer clay and beading.

Shelley and I have been following some very disheartening news about the Interior Department’s treatment of the wild mustangs. One of my attempts to help (in addition to calling the White House which I did last week, most likely to no avail) is to make and market some mustang jewelry. If I manage to sell any, I’ll donate the proceeds to the Wild Horse Sanctuary which you read about at http://www.wildhorse-sanctuary.org/.

I’ve been sculpting small polymer clay mustang heads to incorporate in jewelry. Here’s a picture of some of them. To give an idea of their size, the black one is 2″ wide. The large cabochon is labrodorite It’s glued to the white backing – Lacy’s Stiff Stuff which is available from http://www.firemountaingems.com – and I’ve stitched seed beads around it. My next step is to glue the smaller teardrop, stitch beads around it, stitch beads behind the horse’s head, glue the horse’s head on, glue another teardrop cabochon at the bottom, then go wild with the beading. Fun! Fun! Fun! Tedium! Tedium! Tedium!


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