No Focus!

Clearly I have a problem with focus. Yesterday I intended to continue work on my parrot painting now that the green pastels I ordered have arrived. Instead, I got side-tracked by the irresistible call of the polymer clay and spent the day creating a little bear. Then Shelley phoned to call my attention to an “Ooak fantasy doll” made of polymer clay on ebay. What caught her attention was that these items seemed to be selling. So, headed down that path, I ran across the Ooak guild,, (“One of a kind,” in case you, like me, are not familiar with the term) web site which included several fascinating tutorials, including one on making wings from Fantasy Film (a product from Art Institute Glitter, Fortunately, I had all the “ingredients” on hand! Fully inspired, I added antennae to my polymer bear to transform her to a bear fairy, or “bairy,” then cured she. At that point, she was eagerly awaiting her wings!

This morning, Shelley came up and the two of us made fairy wings according to the tutorial. I wish I could properly attribute the tutorial to the artist, but I only saw that she calls herself Faerydae. The tutorial is very well done and easy to follow. Both our sets of wings came out nice. You can see mine on my bear fairy. In addition to the Fantasy Film, I used two other Art Institute Glitter products, their glitter and their Shards. I’m close to addicted to their beautiful products! By the way, of the several glazing products mentioned in the tutorial, I used Diamond Glaze which worked very well.

After that I did a little work on the parrot pastel painting. It was quite taxing as I am feeling my way with a new paper and also a somewhat new style – looser! Yikes!

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