more animal fairies – I’m hooked!

After creating the bear fairy, I was inspired to make another—and another—and another—etc! There are so many possibilities. And they’re just so darn fun to make. Especially the wing part when I get to play with the shimmery fantasy film, the glimmery glitter, and the sparkly crystals! Alert to all polymer clay artists: GIVE THIS A TRY!
The one I made after the bear was a lion. I named him “Kyrie,” or “lord” in ancient Greek (I knew that would come in handy some day) and I feel that he is definitely lordly despite his diminutive size (he is 3″ tall at the top of the antennae). The cabochon on his forehead is a carnelian, a stone which symbolizes the great circle of life. The beads at the ends of the antennae are small faceted carnelian and they have such a beautiful warm color. I added crystals to his wings after I took this photo – about 20 2.8mm Swarovskis in sun, topaz, and dark topaz.

And of course having completed the lion, a lamb was surely next. I named her “Moonbeam.” Because she is so young, her antennae are still small and her wings are mere “buds,” hints of beautiful wings yet to grow.

I hope you enjoy these photos and that they inspire you to do some tiny sculpture. You can see more photos from different angles on my website. Look in the “Ooak Art Doll” section.
If you need a word of encouragement to try this, you may be interested to know that until I tried it I had no idea that I could sculpt. But I think that drawing skills translate to 3d work fairly easily. After all, it’s just a process of doing something, evaluating it, correcting it, and proceeding until done!!!

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