Good news – Signature Status in Sierra Pastel Society

Good news arrived in the mail today – a letter from the president of Sierra Pastel Society saying that my application for Signature Status has been accepted. She enclosed the judge’s comments which were gratifying and also very helpful. I am very forunate, grateful, and humble. I thought you might enjoy seeing the three paintings that I submitted for the judging, so here they are.

“Sparkle,” is a portrait of a squirrel who is very special to me. About four years ago, my sister who was living in a second floor condominium called me about the possibility of relocating a squirrel. “Sparkle” was quite tame and regularly enjoyed nuts on my sister’s balcony. Some of the nut shells would fall to the deck below and, unfortunately, the human occupant found this totally unacceptable and was vocal to the point that my sister was concerned that her neighbor might poison Sparkle. So we trapped her and relocated her to my property which is ten wooded acres. She has been here ever since. She has raised several children here and we see her and hand feed her nearly every day. Sparkle is part of our animal “family” and this painting is a portrait.

The bear is one of the cubs that was rescued a few years ago by Idaho Black Bear rescue. I have been working on a series of bear paintings based on their photographs (with their permission) to make into cards. I will donate the cards to them to sell and perhaps they can raise some much-needed funds from them.

“Badger” is a kitten from my friends cat shelter, Fat Kitty City. (You can visit their website at This painting was one of four that I did for a series of cat/kitten cards. Cindy and Ed do such a great job rescuing cats in these difficult economic times. Badger’s story, though it started out sad ended up good. This little darling was adopted by great human parents – a veterinarian and his wife. If only all the kitty stories had happy endings!

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