the finished Aslan portrait

I believe I am now done with my portrait of Aslan. (The photo is shockingly blue, the original not so.)

After rubbing out the shadow underneath him (which I thought was too dark), I re-did the shadow and surrounding background, then re-established the fringes of fur falling over it. I added a bit of black soft pastel on his back and strengthened the highlight in his left eye. Whiskers were the final touch.

Happily, I was proud to sign my piece, with the initials “SPS” after it, designating my new signature status with Sierra Pastel Society. This may be one of the five pieces that I use for my application to the Society of Animal Artists which is due in mid-October.

A while ago I mentioned that I was making a polymer clay bear head for a bracelet. Thought you might like to see the finished piece, so here it is! I dotted the piece with glass and stone cabochons then embroidered seed beads all around. This bracelet definitely makes a statement! Just not sure what the statement is.

By the way, I got the beautiful vintage glass cabochons from and you might want to take a look. They have great vintage glass items – beautiful and unusual!


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