It’s funny how out of the blue my enthusiasm for working in different media waxes and wanes. The other day, after a week or so with no interest in polymer clay, I found myself unable to stay away from it.
Here’s the first creation from my latest “polymer clay period” – a tiny frog on a cluster of gingko leaves. The polymer leaves and frog sit on a disk shape of polymer clay to give it stability. I wired each of the green pearls on individually to make them nice and secure.
I’ve made several pendants in this basic style – a polymer clay centerpiece, dangles hanging from it, and an antiqued brass chain for the necklace part. I love the look of the antiqued brass and there are so many great charms and filigree beads in this same finish. (Check out The dangles all hang from a large (I think it’s 16mm) antiqued brass ring which, in turn, hangs from a brass wire loop which I embedded in the clay before I baked it. Putting these combinations together is so fun (as is shopping for the charms, beads, and crystals)! Sometimes I add antiqued brass filigree connectors on either side of the central pendant for a little extra interest.
After the frog pendant, I made a Pegasus pendant and then attempted my first humanoid fairy. That fairy face was a real challenge. Pictures to come – hopefully tomorrow.

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