What a difference a Clay makes!

What a terrible title, but I just couldn’t resist. And anyway, it’s true! I’ve used both Kato Polyclay and Fimo Soft and I like each of them for different reasons. But I was having such a problem modeling the fairies that I decided to try Cernit which, I believe, is specially formulated for dolls.

Aside from my problems with modeling a human face, the biggest problem I was having was that I just couldn’t keep the Fimo Soft mix I made for the flesh clean. It seemed that no matter what I did – clean work surface, clean tools, clean pasta machine, clean hands – the clay picked up dirt from somewhere. I had no particular reason to think that Cernit would be any different, but I had some sitting around and knew that it was formulated for dolls so I thought I’d give it a try.

The texture is a little different and it’s easier to get a smooth surface. Fingerprints just aren’t a problem. And the clay stayed clean! Hallelujah! I was very happy with it for the face, head, arms, legs, and body. But I noticed that Cernit and Fimo Soft cure at the same temperature so I decided to stick with Fiml Soft for the clothing. I already had some canes I had made for making little pansies and I used up the rest of the canes on her dress and hat.

I still had problems with the modeling, but I’m getting to feel like I’ll overcome those problems with practice. And discovering that the Cernit was so perfect for this type of work makes me eager to get started on another piece. But I used up all my Cernit, so must wait for my order to arrive from http://www.polymerclayexpress/.

By the way, the hair is simply a pompom I made from silk embroidery thread. I had two colors of yellow and decided to use both of them for a more interesting color. After making the pompom I soaked it in water, wrung it out, and dried it in the drier to fluff it up a bit. After gluing it only her head with E6000, I let the glue dry, gave her a haircut, then glued the hat on.

And thanks again to Barbara Trombley of http://www.artglitter.com/ for coming up with such a wonderful product as Fantasy Film! What could be more perfect for wings?


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