The NFS Syndrome

The other day at the clay play day I took the opportunity to make beads for a necklace and earrings for the Artists’ Studio Tour which is coming up next weekend. I’ve been kind of ignoring the event, but realized it was time – if not past time – to work on expanding my inventory and the play day seemed like the perfect opportunity. I didn’t get as much done as I had planned, but at least I had the makings for a pretty nice necklace/earrings ensemble.

So last night I constructed the jewelry. I used one of my favorite elements – a beaded tassle, this time with turquoise beads at the ends – on the necklace as well as a nice mix of autumn-y stones – peach aventurine, turquoise, and new jade. I also used some small antique copper beads and turquoise and brown color-lined seed beads. (The big round beads in the photo are polymer clay beads.) The basic design is one I often use and really like. In general, the necklace is symmetrical, but in the details it is asymmetrical but balanced.
The beaded tassle took about an hour to make, and the longer I worked on the piece the more attached I became. And the fact that bears are one of my totem animals deepened the bond. Before I added the clasp, I placed it around my neck to check the length. After I added the clasp, I put it on to check it, and that was IT! It’s MINE!

And when I noticed that the necklace goes really well with the bear bracelet I made back in August that was REALLY IT! It’s MINE, MINE, MINE! NOT FOR SALE! How could I possibly sell MY BABY BEAR!?! And so on.

This happens to me way too often. I’m just not good at selling because I hate parting with my work. I wonder if this is a common ailment for us artists. I suspect that the more of one’s self one puts into one’s work, the less willing one is to part with it, but I don’t know. There may very well be another explanation that’s not so flattering to the artist! Fear of the rejection that can come with putting one’s work for sale? Insecurity? Now wanting to share? Don’t know. But I think I’ll ask some of my artist friends as it seems to be an interesting subject.

So it’s back to the drawing board for Studio Tour inventory. But today I did take some time to make about 10 pairs of earrings. They are simple ones utilizing antique brass drops and findings and a variety of stones and other beads I had on hand. There’s not much work (or creativity) in these pieces, but they’re pretty. They will be low-priced items and I hope they’ll sell well.


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