A Good News Day

I got exciting news today. Leanin’ Tree is licensing this image for their 2011 Christmas line! I have always admired the artwork on Leanin’ Tree greeting cards and I love the country orientation. So, it’s a real honor to be selected. YEAH!!!!!!!!! I signed the contract today and will be sending it back tomorrow. The contract makes it very clear that it is not an obligation for them to publish my design, but I sincerely hope it will make it that final step.

I created this image a couple of years ago now and last year my agent told me that Leanin’ Tree was considering it, but then they decided against it. I have no idea why they decided “no” then or “yes” now – I’m just happy.

At CHA back in January of 2007 I contacted Two Town Studios and they were kind enough to agree to represent me as my licensing agent. The following year they got one of my paintings licensed for a calendar, but that was the only success I had in the licensing field and I stopped submitting images. I guess I’m just not really tuned in to the needs of the commercial market. And that’s OK. Two Town was very good to work with but licensing just wasn’t for me at that time. So this latest development is an especially happy surprise.

On another note, this past weekend was the first of two weekends for the Placerville Arts Association Studio Tour. Traffic was very light but I made a few sales, so I’d have to say it has been a limited success so far. Three of the remaining paintings from the 20/20 gallery show sold, including my favorite – the mice. It was hard to part with it. But at least I have a good photo. Once again, I am seriously wondering whether I should bother with being in the tour next year, but I suppose when the time comes I’ll probably give it another shot.

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