First Mustang Necklace – Finally Finished!

Back in July I made several small polymer clay horse heads for necklaces. I was moved by some very sad news stories about mustang round-ups and frustrated by the response Madeline Pickens had been getting from the Department of the Interior about her request to establish a mustang sanctuary. I hoped that I might find a way to donate whatever mustang necklaces I made to an organization or person who could raise some money for the mustang cause by selling the jewelry.

Today I finally finished the first necklace, and here it is. It’s a very dark gray/brown, nearly black horse with a small white blaze on his forehead. The large stones are beautiful labradorite cabochons with gorgeous flash and the bead embroidery is glass seed beads. Some of the seed beads are faceted so that they catch the light. The beaded fringe combines seed beads and various shapes of labrodorite beads, and the necklace “cord” is a double strange of seed bead stitched spiral.
The photo doesn’t really do the necklace justice, I think because the colors are pretty subtle. But it has a wonderful sparkle and sheen to it and would look both beautiful and sophisticated with something like a gray silk tunic and pants. I’m very proud of this piece and hope I can turn it into funds for mustang rescue. Actually, I’ve asked my sister to handle that part and I think she’ll do a fabulous job.
I can’t wait to start on the next mustang necklace tonight. The horse is an apaloosa and the look will be more casual combining the mustang head with lots of turquoise. I just love this stuff! Thank goodness I have good close-up eye sight!

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