Not a Lot of Art Happ’nin’

I sure haven’t had much success lately in being productive with my art. It used to be that I could take care of chores of various sorts at by 2pm and then spend at least 3 hours on art. But lately the time just seems to vaporize and before I know it it’s 5pm and I don’t have the energy to start anything.

Nonetheless, I finally finished the rabbit painting and here it is. My sister suggested that it needed something in the lower left corner and I think she was absolutely right. So I added more weeds. I think there are two benefits. First, the piece no longer has an “empty quarter.” And also the front rabbit is less of a white blob. I knew from the beginning that the white full broadside rabbit would be a design challenge and now I think it works pretty well. The funny part is that the biggest success is how good it looks in its frame! I had been using the frame which I paid nearly $100 for with another painting but, for a variety of reasons, re-framed it. So I wanted to do a piece to use that expensive frame. Hence, the rabbits.

And tonight I sent in my application for the Society of Animal Artists, using this rabbit painting as one of the required five images. The others were the three I used for signature status in the Sierra Pastel Society and an oil portrait I did of my sister’s irresistible Springer Spaniel, Sunny. So wish me luck! I should hear in mid-November. My fingers will be firmly crossed until then.


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