The Sun Shines on Patches

I began today’s session by working on the sky.  I added a sunbeam but then decided I wanted the blue at the top of the sky darker so added a glaze of Phthalo Blue.  I had too much oil in my paint and had to fool with it a bit – blotting with a paper towel, smoothing with my finger, then adding a little more paint with less oil.  In the process I got blue over the clouds and mostly lost the sunbeamt.  I tried to crisp up the edges of the clouds but the colors were mixing on the canvas so I decided I’d have to leave it for now and come back to this tomorrow.  I really want the sunbeam more intense and more colorful.

After that, I continued working on Patches herself, adding to and refining what I did yesterday then focusing on the right side of her face which I didn’t get to before.  I worked on her nose, changing the color to add a brownish-red tone and adding a few shadows and highlights to better suggest the right eye.  A little brighter red added color to her collar and tag.

I don’t think she looks sad any more.  To me, she has a sweet, somewhat searching look.  Perhaps she’s wondering what I’m doing!  The muzzle and mouth still needs work so perhaps she will change her expression again.

When I looked at the painting last night the lower left corner bothered me so I changed the line of her back to raise it a bit.  The new part of her back will need more work tomorrow to better integrate it into the rest of her body.

Patches is a little sweetheart, and tomorrow the sun will shine more brightly on her!


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