Owl #2 – A Little Goofy Looking!

Wow!  I’ve managed to give this noble creature a goofy look.  Just couldn’t help myself, I guess.

Meanwhile, my work with solvent and colored pencil continues and I’m getting more used to it.  I definitely like the technique and am beginning to learn how to control the blending.  In some cases, though, it just doesn’t blend as much as I’d like.  I think it may be the specific pigments.

As I worked on the background of this one, I was reminded why I like colored pencil so much – it’s the glazing and the great control that one can get layering color.  With layered glazes, the color doesn’t get muddy, just richer and richer.  This worked especially well for me in the lower right portion where I have gold, brown, green, and purple – a sure recipe for mud if one were to mix the colors.

I have been tempted to brush a few highlights with oil, but haven’t done it.  When all nine drawings are complete, I’ll see if I want to do it then.  I’m also thinking of adding a coat of retouch varnish for the shine, but, once again, I’ll wat till the end.

I’m happy with my progress so far and can’t see any problem with finishing at least nine by early January.


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