Seals for Something New

After making so many bears and rabbits, I wanted to work on something different, so I chose seals.  They were really pretty simple to make, but I complicated it a little bit by making some paper thin mokume gane sheets in very subtle colors of gray and gray-green to add a little pattern to mama’s back.

Mama’s eyes are the glass eyes I like so much, but baby was too small for even my smallest glass eyes, so I just used black seed beads.  Mama has whiskers of very thin black wire, maybe 30 gauge or even thinner.

I liked this dark rock for a base and used some of my interference blue acrylic paint for the spirals.  I think the two wavy lines around the widest part of the rock look kind of like waves lapping against the rock.  The final touch was a little glitter on the rock and seals, the seals having already been finished with mica powders.

As I was making the baby seal, it seemed that two of them would be very cute on a bead.  I had this blue lace agate “marble” which turned out to be a perfect base for them.

There’s a hole pieced between the shoulders of each seal pup, but the hole doesn’t go all the way through because of course the blue lace agate sphere is in the way.  So I’ll have to glue a metal loop in each hole then finish the necklace from there.  I went all the way to Sacramemto to U-BeadIt to see if I could find some blue lace agate beads.  They had them but their color was dull in comparison to the sphere, so I got blue chalcedony instead as well as three or four colors of seed beads.  I’m thinking of several strands of seed beads gathered together here and there by threading them all through a large stone bead.  Should be a very nice necklace, and one with a touch of fun.


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