A Bear Bead – but not for the Bears

Fire Mountain Gems contacted me recently – along with many other artists – asking for donations of hand-made beads for their charitable work to benefit breast cancer research.  Their jewelry design staff makes jewelry from the donated beads.  Fire Mountain Gems then auctions the jewelry with the proceeds going to breast cancer research charities.

So, even though the beneficiary would not be an animal charity, I was happy to make and donate this little bear bead.  She’s all dressed up in a Swarovski rhinestone collar for the special occasion.  Of course I made her from polymer clay.  She has glass eyes and there is a hole from the center of her back through her belly for stringing.  She’s about 3/4″ from nose to tail – a dainty bear!  I hope I get to see the jewelry piece that includes her, but I don’t know whether or not I will. 

I am impressed with the giving that Fire Mountain does, including both charitable work and sponsoring many beading and jewelry-making competitions – their own and others.

When I made her, I also made several somewhat larger bears for pendants that I hope to be able to sell to benefit Idaho Black Bear Rehab.


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