Great News For Christmas

Fed Ex brought a huge box today.  I wondered what it could possibly be?  It was from Fire Mountain Gems.  Did I order something I had completely forgotten about?  It would be hard to forget ordering something that big!

What a great surprise when I opened it – it was the four polymer clay pieces I had sent in to Fire Mountain Gems which had been selected as Finalists in their 2010 competition for “Pearls, Organic Beads, and Polymer Clay.”  And much to my delight, this piece, “Christmas Dreams” won the Gold!!!!!  I am thrilled.  In 2008 and 2009 I won a Silver and was really hoping to take the next step.  And here it is.

I was introduced to beading in 2005, and then to polymer clay in 2007.  As I drooled over the Fire Mountain Gems catalog I dreamed a seemingly impossible dream of having one of my pieces featured in their catalon someday.  Then I had the pleasure of seeing my 2008 and 2009 silver medal winners in their catalogs – a dream come true.  Now I look forward to seeing this piece in another one of their catalogs some day.

I know that winning – as well as losing – is always subjective in the arts.  So I try not to feel too bad when I don’t win.  Perhaps its not fair, then, to feel too good when I do win.  But I feel fabulous, and I’m grateful for this boost.

I really appreciate the job that the great people at Fire Mountain Gems does in supporting artists.  They go the extra mile, then further!  Not only did they send me beautiful certificates for each of my four pieces, each with a great photograph their professionals had taken of my pieces, but they also sent copies of the full-page ads they created from three of the pieces, including this one.  And they put each of the certificates and ad copies in a nice heavy black cardboard frame.  And I must mention how carefully they had packed my pieces for shipping.  These things are not givens, and it’s a pleasure to associate with such a profession organization.

In addition to sponsoring their own contests, they provide awards in other competitions, such as Bead Dreams which is sponsored by Kalmbach publications.

Thank you, Fire Mountain Gems, not just for selecting my pieces, but for showing such caring for your contributing artists.  You are a fine example of a business which lives up to its public service commitments.


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