Owl Number 6 Has Flown in for the Show

The owl flock is filling out with the arrival of Owl Number 6.  Just 13 days left till the show, meaning 13 days until the arrival of numbers 7, 8, and 9.  And to think I was going to make 12!  Once I complete the 9 I may only make more if any of the original group sell.  It would be nice to have a spare when the show begins, but we’ll see if that happens.  As usual, I have overestimated the amount of work (work??? no, art is not work!) I can complete in a given amount of time.

After completing this one, I laid the 6 out to see how they hang together as a group.  Number 4 seems a bit out of place, both in the colors and style.  The sky in that one is turquoise and green and the style is more decorative.  I have a little green in this current one.  But I’ll definitely have to repeat the turquoise sky in one or two more.  I started drawing the next one today and will work on its sky tomorrow, so a turquoise/green sky is definitely in the plan.  I’m not sure how to deal with the difference in styles.

Overall, though, I think the group looks good so far.  I find myself doing something unusual – hoping that they’ll sell.  This morning I deposited the payment for Cory’s portrait and will be writing out the final checks of the year to my two favorite animal charities.  That will feel so very good.  The dream of converting whatever talent I have to serve the animals is happening!

A few comments on the owls:  I am finding them challenging to do in colored pencil.  Partly it’s because of the transparent nature of the medium.  Detailed work, like the complex patterns on the plumage, is difficult when I am limited to working light to dark – no room for error!  But maybe I should attribute these problems to other causes.  I find myself wanting to work quickly in a medium where progress is slow.  And I am doing less detailed preliminary drawing than I usually do and so find myself winging it on much of the plumage pattern.  Looking back on it, I understand that when I began this project, I didn’t really think enough about the “fit” of the medium to the subject.  I knew I wanted to do owls, and I also wanted to try solvent with colored pencil, but I didn’t really think about the two together.  So there’s a lesson (hopefully) learned – what it’s all about!


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