A Parliament

Parliament (the term for a group of owls) is now called to order with the arrival of Owl Number 9, a Saw Whet owl.

It’s amazing how a photo of a piece I’ve worked on all afternoon looks different than I thought it did.  I now realize that the eyes need correction.  I think his left eye needs to be set into the head more with some shadows.  The shapes of the two eyes need to be brought more into synch, especially along the tops.  And the beak looks off center.  So, there’s a lot to try to correct – after all, he needs to be at his best for Parliament.  I also think I’ll make the top of the sky darker, which must mean grayer as I’ve deepened the purple about as much as I can.  And the shadows of the trees need to be strengthened and the snow could be darker except right by the moon.  I suppose while I’m at it I should add stronger shadows to the feet and legs to make them rounder looking.  Hmmmm.  Lots more left to do, and I thought I was done!

I still have to make final corrections on all the pieces, finish the sides and backs, and attach the hardware – all tasks for tomorrow as then need to be delivered to the show on Sunday.


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