All Nine and Looking Good

Here are the nine, together in Parliament.  I took this photo last Friday then spent Saturday finishing the backs and edges and adding the hanging hardware to be ready for show intake on Sunday.  Monday we hung the show – which looks really good – and yesterday I began a gourd.  More about that tomorrow.

Looking back on it, despite all my complaining about colored pencil, this has been an inspiring project to work on.  As far as multiples go, I think 9 is a very good number.  Enough to establish a theme and get good practice on any new techniques.  But not so many as to be overwhelming or lose interest in the subject.

Today I learned that one has sold – the one on the center right – the first one I did.  I spent more time on that one than on any other except for the one in the middle, and I think the work paid off.  So now I must begin doing a replacement.  I’ll work on that between tasks on the gourd, but would like to have the new owl by Tuesday (gallery closed Sunday and Monday).


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