Beginning the Fairy Gourd

 Starting a new project is always exciting, and this one will be both fun and a challenge.  It will include several media and techniques – polymer clay sculpture, painting, carving, and assemblage.  Unlike with previous fairies whose “clothes” I made from polymer clay, this one will have fabric clothes that I will sew.  I have ordered a few different colors of silk velvet and Dupoini silk and can’t wait for them to arrive so I can get started on designing her fairy dress!  She will have the usual Fantasy Film wings and probably yarn hair.  The blob sitting on her head isn’t attached – it’s just there for me to decide whether or not I like the color and since I’m a sucker for red hair, I do like it.  
Here’s a photo of her head and shoulders.  I baked this part first then added the body, arms, and legs.  The wires are to let me get a good bond between the different parts.  I’m not worried about the sculpting on the body because it will be covered with her dress.
My concept for this piece is that gourd will be like a little natural “house.”  I will paint the bottom part with trilliums, violets, and ferns.  The roof will probably be “petals” from pine cones that I will glue on individually.  I will paint the area right around the opening like the scar around a knot hole.  And my plan is to cut away the skin from the mid section of the gourd and carve it to look like tree bark.  So many plans!  What will the reality turn out to be?


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