A Little Lamb’s Progress

I’m happy with the work I did today adding a second layer to the little lamb.  With the lines well established with the pastel pencil I moved on to the hard pastels – NuPastel.  My palette for the lamb was pretty limited: three shades of warm gray, two shades of brown, two shades of a brick/orangish red, a pale turquoise, and cream.

I must admit to being a little unsure as to how to proceed.  But I just kept laying in color and increasing the value contrasts while still preserving the lines.

There are a few parts of the lamb that I’m unsure of anatomically and I need to do some research on these before I proceed any further “in the dark.”  Those parts are the feet, the nose, her left ear, and the rump.  For the feet, I know she has split hooves and two pads, but I need a more detailed understanding.  For instance, where do the pads begin and end relative to the hoof?  Is there a “dewclaw?”  If so, on all four legs?  For the nose, the photo looks like a dark nose similar to a dog’s, but I know that’s not the case.  I think the whole top of the nose is furry, so what’s the dark patch?  In the reference photo, it looks like the opening of her left ear is facing the viewer, but I don’t think that can possibly be.  I’m not sure how to work through that question.  In the reference photo I can’t identify the demarcations between the tail and the upper part of her left leg.  I also can’t tell whether the tail is docked or long.  I think that it would still be long at this age.

I want these questionable parts clarified before I proceed to softer pastels, so I have at least one more session of working with the NuPastels.

At this stage, I have simply blocked in the darkest tones of the background which will be almost totally hay and grass.  I think I can go one more session without getting more specific there.  So I’ll use that time to consider what effect I want to achieve with the background.  At one point, I thought of adding a single daisy which is a symbol of innocence.  Intellectually, I like the idea, but I’m not sure whether or not it’s a good idea visually.  More thought on that as well……


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