Monkey Bits Coming Together

 The center part of the necklace will be made up of three separate pieces as you see here – two with monkies and the one in the middle with just large flowers.  The ends of each of the side sections have a flower coming from the center of the bead and so the center portions will be connected this way.

But the question is exactly how the pieces at the center will string together.  At this point the backs of these three motifs are not finished.  I did that on purpose so that I could make some design and construction decisions, then finish the backs with whatever I need to string everything together.  This is turning out to be a somewhat complicated piece structurally.

The little round things scattered about are tiny fruits which I’ll attach in clusters.  Again, the question is how?

I may decide to have some long strands coming from the center, and so that will be a construction question as well.

The final one is the clasp.  I was originally thinking that I would need some extra beads on the ends on each side and, in my mind’s eye, I saw them as gold triangular cones with the three gold leaves on the open end, and fitting together – perhaps two or three on each side.  Then the clasp would lie between, perhaps a gold button and beaded loop.

So there’s still plenty to do, but it’s coming together pretty well so far.


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