Back to ACEOs for Fun and Profit

Back in 2007 I was creating ACEOs and selling them on ebay.  The effort was somewhat successful, and I’ve decided to try again.  I began by listing a few ACEOs I had left from last time, and also creating a few more by cutting down larger paintings.

Then I began creating new ones.  I find that I can do one within a few hours, and am really enjoying it.  It’s a way to work with different media and get lots of practice without launching into a big project.
So far, I’ve worked with watercolor pencil, watercolor, ink, and colored pencil.  This one is colored pencil with solvent and details of ink.  I’m using a size 005 micron pen, and sure wish I could get them in a nice brown.  I have a Pitt sepia extra fine pen, but it’s just not quite fine enough to work in this size.  I’ve considered buying a Kohinoor pen, but it’s such a hassle to keep them clean and flowing that it will be a last resort for me.

This cat’s wild ear tufts made me think of Einstein, so I drew him with the scientist’s famous equation on a “black board” in the background.  As I look at it now I see that the dark areas at the side of the nose are quite different from each other.  I wish I had seen that earlier, but I think it isn’t that big a problem.

By the way, here’s how I’m finishing the ACEOs.  I bond them to a backing of Coventry Rag drawing paper by trimming thefinished ACEO painting to size, spraying the back with glue, pressing it onto a scrap piece of Coventry Rag, then trimming away those edges when the glue is set.  Then I “gild” the edges with nice gold acrylic paint for a finished look.  Maybe I’ll try using some nice scrap-booking card stock for fun.  But it will have to be fairly light as I add my signature, date, the title, and copyright info on the back.

So far, I’ve sold a few.  My plan is to simply keep listing them and hope that business will pick up over time.  I’ll be paying attention to which subjects seem to sell and will also try to crack the mystery of auction-style versus buy-it-now listings.


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