A Hungry Chipmunk comes to the Studio

Figuratively, that is!  Chipmunks don’t live in the immediate vicinity, but I remember them so well from my childhood in Ohio and I’ve seen them since around Lake Tahoe and in Wisconsin on a visit there.  They’re such energetic, seemingly cheerful little creatures.

This is another ACEO that I’m going to list on eBay.  I intended to create it as a purely graphite piece.  But that idea was probably doomed the moment I transferred the drawing to the Stonehenge drawing paper because I chose a fawn color.  Of course that limited the value range I would be able to achieve with just graphite.  So after I went as far as I could with graphite, I decided to add white colored pencil. By that time I was on the “slippery slope” and I just couldn’t resist touches of color.  But I kept the color at a minimum and I think the finished piece has the look of a tinted drawing.  I used an 005 Sakura black micron pen to deepen some of the black hairs.

I used solvent (Gamblin gamsol) at various stages, and was pleased to find that it didn’t disturb the graphite – I had fears that solvent might dissolve and blur the graphite like water would, but it was fine.

Here’s the explanation for the white spots you see along the very bottom edge.  I used the beautiful deckle edge of the Stonehenge paper for the lower edge of the ACEO.  When I was done with the drawing, I trimmed it to size then glued it to another piece of Stonehenge (white, this time) to make it thicker.  I like them to be a little thicker both because they feel more substantial and also because they are then thick enough to coat the edges with gold acrylic which gives a nice finished look.  White may not have been my best choice, but I like the idea of using the deckle edge and showing it off.  I’ll have to think more about how to achieve that.  Perhaps it would have been good to paint the bottom edge of the white paper with copper acrylic so there would be copper spots instead of white ones.  And then I could have painted the edges copper as well.  Food for thought.


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