More Mick

Here’s Mick after more work.  Once I finished putting the patterns on the rest of the fabric pieces and adding more shading and highlighting to better indicate the folds in the quilt, I turned my attention to Mick.

I find ginger cats difficult in terms of their color.  Too red?  Too orange?  Too yellow?  Too brown?  Too gray?  It just seems to go back and forth as I add more color.

This is a challenging piece, but then I knew that when I started.  And I must admit I’m enjoying it despite the problems.

I need to find better highlight and shadow colors for the quilt.  My first pass was simply glazes of white and brown but I think the white is too cool.

When I did my value sketch I kept a very light highlight on his back and liked it.  But I think it might be confusing where the highlight ends and the markings begin – for example the light stripes on the hip are markings whereas the light area above and to the left of it is a highlight.  I think I’ll put the painting up by the tv tonight and take a good look at it.


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