Firefly Bracelet

This is my third project as Guest Designer for Art Glitter.  I am a guest designer for them for the summer!

I frequently have occasion to use two part epoxy glue and really like how quickly it sets and its clear shiny look.  Since it is a thick glue and sets quickly, I thought I might be able to successfully use it like resin to embed Art Glitter’s gorgeous Dazzlers glitter.  “Collage” links seemed an obvious backing, and a pre-assembled bracelet blank by Nunn Designs made the project quick and easy.

Tiny vintage glass cabochons in the shape of fireflies were the inspiration for this piece.  Don’t they look gorgeous against these rich Dazzler colors?  Like a summer night.

I mixed the glitter with the epoxy glue and used the mixture to fill the cavities in the bracelet links.  Before the glue set, I lightly pressed the glass fireflies into the surface.  For a more finished look, I surrounded the metal rime of the link cavities with strands of small seed beads.

If you would like more information on the materials and/or the process for making this bracelet, follow the link to the left and visit me at Art Glitter’s web site.


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