Bonnie’s Finished!

Well, almost!  Now that I scrutinize this photo, I see a few minor changes to make.  Too bad I already put away all my pastels. 

Anyway, these are the changes I think I should make: extend the carpet a bit, change the shadows a bit, and maybe push back the bright spots in the carpet flower just to the lower left of the mouse.

To crop the painting as I have for this photo, I need to extend the carpet a bit on the lower right and along the right side.  I want to crop it here because I want the little triange of the fringe to show to the right of Bonnie’s tail.  The shadow of Bonnie’s back should extend more to the right.  And the division between shadow and light should soften towards the middle of the painting.  The window is to the left, and the shadow edge will soften as it extends further from the object that’s casting it.  I already pushed back the bright spots on the carpet below the mouse, but I still think I should do it a bit more.  Then I’ll be 100% finished.

This painting of Bonnie has been a lot of work, but I’m happy with it and think it’s a good candidate for my next Society of Animal Artists application in October.


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