Working on the Calves

In this painting I switched from NuPastel to Rembrandts early in the game – after just one layer.  It seemed like the right thing to do.  And as I think about it, I think it was because the color range in NuPastel was just too limited.

I’m trying out these colors for the harnesses, and I think I like them.  And I have roughed in a background.  What I have in mind is for them to lay on hay with a area of bare dirt behind it and then thick pasture behind that.  I may need to put in some fence wire between the bare dirt and the pasture becuase the calves would be eating those lush plants if they could get at them.  I’m thinking of adding a few subtle wild lilies in the pasture to add a little “double entendre” to the painting’s title.

Tonight I will be pondering the problem of the background – what will it be and how carefully should I paint it?  The hay realistically, the dirt less so, and the pasture just a suggestion?  Don’t know yet.  But I do know that I would like to add a bit of the blues to some wild flowers in the pasture to integrate those colors.  There will also be blues on the highlights on Adam’s fur.

But tomorrow – if I get a chance to paint – will be more work on the calves.


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