On to the Giraults and Lovin’ It!

Today I worked on Adam, the calf on the left, using my Girault pastels.  I switched to those from the Rembrandts for two reasons.  The first is that the color range is better for this little guy, and the second is that the smaller size of the Girault pastel sticks makes the details of the fur easier.

It was slow going, but satisfying as it seemed to be working out pretty well.

Actually, before I started working on Adam’s fur, I made a few minor but important corrections to the drawing – things I noticed last night when I set the painting up by the TV for liesurely scrutinizing.  I changed the curve of Adam’s right horn and made several changes on Lavina, including widening her body and right knee, changing the slope of her nose, and changing the outline of her back and hips.

The background is going to be very challening.  I have several photos of Mariposa lilies which I want to suggest in the background.  I may actually work on that next then come back to Lavina.

I am enjoying this project, and very much like my Giraults.


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