Lilies in the Field – Nearly Finished

Yes, I’m nearly finished, but it’s those last steps that make or break the painting.

I scrubbed the idea of the weeds and wildflowers in the background.  After sketching in the fence wire I didn’t like it – thougth it was too busy – so I took it back out and just simplified the area with greens.  After more work on the straw I think I’m close, and the lighter overall color there helps with the composition.

Adam’s front knee needs work.  And I’m just not satisfied with Lavina.    She needs more modeling in her face and body, and her body under her needs to recede more.  Her halter needs more work too as it is too bright.

The light source is directly overhead, but I think the shadow under her nose needs to be bigger.  Somehow, she just doesn’t look quite grounded.

I’ll spend time scrutinizing it this evening and see what other ideas I can come up with.  It just doesn’t “pop” yet.  (I hear people using that word all the time, especially for landscapes.  But I think I need a different word for animals.)  Or, to express it better, it just doesn’t “breathe” yet!


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