The Fawns have a Woods to Play in

 Today I blocked in the rest of the fawns then turned to the background.  I have a photo that I took of the woods next door that I’m working from.  But I’m just using the photo as a general guide for shapes and values.  The photo is of the dry early July woods, so I will be changing the colors to spring ones to be in tune with the age of the fawns.  Actually, what would be best is to have the grasses mosty dry but still with touches of green in them since things dry out so early here in northern California.

What I’m looking for at this point is just to capture the feel of a sun-lit clearing surrounded by plenty of places to run and hide.

The picture below is the same photo with the “auto levels” filter option in FireWorks.  I think it’s handy as a reference for where I’m ultimately headed with the range of value.

Next time I’ll begin detailing the background starting at the top and working down to the level of the fawns’ rumps.  At that point, I can return to working on the rear fawn.


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