Almost There!

After working to “de-shag” the front fawn, I gathered my courage and added tall grasses. This was a nerve-wracking step. Once I made a stroke it would be very difficult to remove, change, or cover-up. But I couldn’t allow the nervousness from that fact to give me an unsteady hand. It came out pretty well and I set it up by the tv to study it during the evening. Then I saw a BIG problem. Although I meant the brown areas in the foreground to be clumps of fallen leaves, they look like bare dirt. And in that case, why are the fawns’ feet sinking out of sight? They look like they’re standing in a hole. What to do? I could crop the painting so that the lower brown areas are gone. I could try to make them actually look like mounds of leaves. Or I could add a lot more grass and just maintain the value shapes that the brown areas are giving my by using different values of greens in grasses. Hmmm.


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