Fawns Complete – at least for now…

I think I’m finished with the fawns now – at least until my final review before the SAA application is due.  In this session I added some more interesting color, specifically light blue on the front fawn highlights, more purple in the background as well as a bit of orange, and some yellow in the grasses.  I also changed a few lines – narrowed the front fawn’s back legs and softened the curve of her haunch, and lowered the curve on the rear fawn’s back.  Also, I spent quite a bit of time improving (hopefully) the eyes.

As for the problem of the fawns appearing to be standing in a hole, I decided against the option of trying to make the brown areas look like clumps of leaves and decided to add more grass.  I can always crop away the bottom are later if I decide I need to.  And actually, I see the brown persisting on showing through.  Rats!  Anyway, a problem for later.

I took this photo in a bright room and it looks a lot more colorful than my photos of previous steps.  I’ll have to remember to take all my photos under the same conditions in the future.


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