Something Just for Fun

After a few weeks of intense stress, preparation and recovery from having all my carpet replaced with Pergo, I was missing being able to spend much time on art.  And now that I am able to get back to it I wanted to do something just for fun.

Inspired by a photo of a teddy bear in an gift catalog – a bear with the most incredibly sweet face I’ve ever seen on a teddy bear – I decided to set her on an oak cabinet with rose wallpaper behind her and a string of pearls and matching earrings on the dresser.  She is wearing a gorgeous filmy lace outfit and I added ribbon roses in her “hair” and at her waist.  To complete the composition I’ve placed two little mice misbehaving with the pearls.

There are so many different textures in this that I’m sure it will be quite a challenge in addition to just being a fun subject.  So far, I’m having problems with the rose wallpaper.  Specifically, I’m not happy with the colors.  But then it’s difficult to judge before the rest of the painting is blocked in.

Usually I would begin by blocking everything in, but this time I am taking a different approach.  I am finishing the background first then moving forward.  The lace is see-through and the pearls will be easier to place over the wood than paint around.  So that’s why I made the decision on my approach.  We’ll see if it works!


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