Back to Work!

It’s been difficult to find the creative energy to get back to work on entries for my SAA application, but yesterday I finally got down to it with a drawing, and today I set pastel to paper.
Last month my sister took her dog to a dog event and got several good photos of the participants having fun in the water.  She was kind enough to let me use them and I selected two to combine into this composition.  One photo was of the two dogs on the left intent upon a tennis ball and the other was of the lone older dog on the right.
After I completed the drawing yesterday and had it transferred to the velour paper I had serious doubts about it.  I thought the dogs would be too small and there would be too much essentially blank space around them.  I thought that I would have done better with just the two dogs and with the animals much bigger.  But since I already had this on the paper I decided to give it a try.  It seemed that it would be very important to have distinct areas within the expanse of water – not just everything the same – and have those areas be a definite part of the composition.  So here’s the beginning.  I’ll set it up by the tv tonight and see what I can find in it.

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