Marco Polo – the Game is Under Way

It’s so important to have a good photo to work from, but even more important, I think, is to notice carefully what’s going on in it.  And from these photographs, I’ve learned something about portraying water.

I notice that the color shapes, nearly without exception, have rounded and not pointed corners.  Also the edges between the color shapes are sharp, not gradual.  Some little tidbits to tuck away in my memory.

Today I worked another layer on the three dogs and also began to work a bit more on the water around the closest guy.  I’m still using my hard pastels – the NuPastels and the PolyChromos.  Next I’m going to keep working on the water till I’m nearly done with it then I’ll return to finish the dogs.  My final step will probably be the water drops, splashes, and drips.  This has been more fun that I expected!


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