Adding Perspective

I asked Shelley to take a look at this painting and what bothered her was a lack of perspective.  It’s far too late to put the floral pattern on the lace in perspective, but there were still some things I could do.  My main goal was to flatten the floor and to do that I lightened it at the top and graduated the tone downwards.  I also darkened the curtain behind Phreddee to suggest that it is tilted more to the vertical. Tilting this part of the lace vertical also means that the pattern is not out of perspective. By darkeneing the lace further on the left side of the painting, and particularly around Phreddee’s tail I think I reduced the tendency for the eye to travel to the tail and then out of the painting.
The worst perspective problem now is the two rose petals on the left.  I may or may not do anything about that.  I can correct the one on the carpet but correcting the one on the lace is next to impossible because it would involve redoing the lace which I just don’t think I can do at this point.

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