Diminishing Returns

I can’t really say that I’ve finished this painting, but I’ve stopped working on it – at least for the forseeable future.  I have really enjoyed Carel Brest van Kempen’s painting technique and will continue working with it.  The paint goes so smoothly onto this surface and I appreciate being able to work successive glazes without disturbing what’s underneath.  On this piece, I worked almost exclusively with transparency and didn’t really explore what could be done with an opaque application used along with transparency, so that’s for next time.
This little painting motivates me to learn more about rodents and especially mice!  While I was painting them it became clear that I didn’t really understand their anatomy that well.  It also became clear that rodents are among my favorite animals.
When I went to Carel’s workshops one of my goals was to learn how he does such beautiful detailed backgrounds.  He gave a lot of information, and I’m pretty sure I understood it.  But I didn’t apply it that well in this piece, especially in the very back.  I definitely should have done better there.  This whole piece is pretty uneven in quality, actually.  And I especially wish I had had a better drawing before I started painting.  But, after all, it was a workshop piece and I learned a lot.  I like this design well enough that I may try it again in the future.

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