Nine Dogs

I’m starting 2012 in a particularly pleasant way, with little 8″x8″ “paintings” of nine dogs.  They’ll hang in a group at our art club’s 3D and 3X3 show which starts tomorrow.  This little big-eyed guy is the one I can’t part with, so I’ll buy it back – in effect giving a donation of 30% of the price to the art club. 

My theme is “a dog’s love is steadfast,” and each painting is scripted with “a dog’s love is steadfast…” – “in the exuberance of youth,” “in the twilight years,” “even at bath time,” “even on a bad hair day,” “even when dinner’s late,” “even when the toys are put away,” “even when you bring home a new cat,” “through thick and thin,” and “always.”

My medium is mixed, but based on graphite drawing.  After I protected the drawing with a spray of workable fixatif, I tinted the drawings with thinned soft body acrylic.  I took these photos at that point, but I finished the pieces with colored pencil around the edges.

I’m enjoying working more with drawing, and will be doing lots more, trying many different combinations of media to see what effects I can come up with.


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