After a long gap, another ACEO

When I first got into art years ago my favorite subject was birds.  They’re relatively easy to get reasonable results with, and there’s plenty of room to use real skills.  I particularly am fascinated with how much they can communicated with body language when their spines are fused rigid from shoulder to hip.  But I guess they make up for this with great flexibility in their necks which have a large number (can’t remember how many) of vertebrae. 

So when I wanted to do a little ACEO, a bird seemed the perfect subject.  Drawing him was no problem, but I was still stuck on the idea of creating a “tinted drawing.”  In the end, I slapped so many different media onto this little piece, I don’t really know what to call it.  There’s pencil, colored pencil, watercolor pencil applied dry then wet with a brush, watercolor applied to a dampened surface, and, finally, ink!  Enough already!  But, despite all the fussing, I’m happy with the look I eventually achieved, especially the coloration on his back.


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