A Labor of Love

One day I wanted to make a polymer clay otter and things just sort of happened from there!  I didn’t keep track of how many hours I spent on this, or how many of those little beads I sewed on one-by-one.  But it was all worth it.  Generally speaking, I just don’t mind spending a lot of time on a project – in honor of hand work which is too rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

These two otters are in love!  As you can see, he is bringing his beloved a gift of a fish.  Such a thoughtful boy!  Such a lucky girl!

I don’t plan to ever wear this elaborate (perhaps overdone?) necklace.  In fact, I will make a nice display for it so that it can hang on the wall as “art.”

When I started beading, I couldn’t find the exact colors or finishes I wanted, so I opted for the colors I needed which resulted in what turned out to be a nice mix of finishes, from transparent, to ceylon, to satin, to opal, and so on.  If I had really been able to plan it, I don’t think it would have turned out as nice.

The gemstone beads include pearls, kyanite, blue chalcedony, and prehnite.


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