The Problem with Impatience

I spent a few hours this afternoon continuing to work on Tinkerbelle’s fur and then I just couldn’t resist removing the masking fluid I had on her face and chest.  I wish I could use the excuse that I was worried about leaving the mask on the illustration board too long, but it was actually just impatience to see how it would look.  And now I’ve created a problem for myself.

In my source photo, she is lying on a bed, on a dark flowered coverlet.  Since I wanted to empahsize her fur I decided to leave the background out and didn’t realize that I would then have a problem portraying that she is laying on her side.  I will surely need shadows around her to do that, and I’ve made shadows nearly impossible (with paint, at least) to portray without the masking fluid.  And, I’t’s nearly impossible to put more masking fluid over where it was originally.  Hmmmm.  Now what?


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