The Belly Fur Begins to Emerge

Yesterday I really screwed up with the masking fluid.  I laid a thick line of it down along the right edge of the belly hairs so that I could work on the dark areas of the left shoulder and leg.  But then I discovered I had created a problem for myself when I prepared to work on the belly fur – I didn’t want the masking action of that thick line and I couldn’t remove the thick line without also removing the little hairs that it crossed.
In the end, I removed all the masking fluid and just told myself I’d have to figure out a way to make it work.  I even called Carel for some advice.  He thought I was probably working with the acrylic too thinned down and that with it thicker – and a lot of work – I could make light over dark work out after all.  And if not, I could try switching to oil at the very end since it doesn’t dry as translucent as acrylic does.
So, onward!  And here’s where I am now.  I find the fur on the back so confusing.  So many wisps of belly fur come up over it that it’s not clear what the pattern is in the underlying coat.  I was definitely struggling, and guessing a lot.  But now that I look at the photo of the painting I see some pattern emerging and feel that there is hope after all.  Back to it tomorrow!

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