The End of Spring

Metaphorically.  That is, the painting’s finished.  I made the lilac bluer and added detail.  Joan said it needed leaves.  I agreed with her and put them in.  The leaves help integrate the lilac which was so isolated before.
I finished the frog and gave him a little shadow.  The other design elements didn’t bother me floating.   Most touched the edge which helped anchor them.  But the frog needed grounding.
My final touch was to add some gold, which I had been itching to do all along.  I painted the script, “tempo di primavera” with a #0 script liner and Golden’s liquid acrylic gold.  It was the first time I used 

that paint and really appreciated both the texture and the rich color.  I also used it to solve my problem of the ragged edge between the image and the turquoise border.  I touched all around it with the tip of a small bristle fan brush dipped in gold.  It echoed the deckled effect already there but gave it a finished look.

This piece flowed pretty easily.  Deceivingly so.  I tried to compose a similar piece on a winter theme, but no luck so far.  I’ll keep trying, but it will be a back burner project.


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