Plaisir d’Amour

I made this piece a few weeks ago but haven’t written about it yet.  I was planning to once again apply to the Society of Animals Artists, but this time with my polymer clay pieces – miniature sculptures as well as jewelry.  One of my favorite necklaces, “Trans-pea-tation” is based around the theme of little rabbits riding in a peapod.  But it wasn’t appropriate for the SAA application because it included a lot of glass beads and crystals.  So I made this little sculpture on a similar theme. 

Since the shape of the peapod is similar to a gondola, I decided to make the rabbits lovers – the girl a lop-eared with her ears long and romantic, like long tresses.  The peapod boat has a canopy of pea leaves and a pea flower.  The base is a piece of redwood burl that I cut from a slab I bought long ago.  The grain resembles the swirling of water though the grain doesn’t show up as much as I’d like.

The little sculpture is about 3″ tall.

As for the SAA application, it turns out that I’ve missed the application deadline.  Oh, well.  Probably would have just been rejected again anyway!


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