Parakeets are Next

This is the second project I did for my polymer clay animals book proposal.  Most animals seem to be fairly dull colors, and I wanted to have some bright pretty colors in the proposal, so I chose parakeets.
An obvious use for them would have been a pendant, but I thought a bracelet would be nice and might appeal to editors looking for jewelry books as it includes more beading.
The parakeets are small – a little over an inch tall – and I was able to make all three from a single two-toned roll of turquoise and yellow.  The bracelet might have been more interesting with three differently colored birds, but…
I’m a sucker for glass leaf-shaped beads and found some really pretty pale green ones at our local bead store.  The main beads in the bracelet are 8mm glass beads, and there are also size 11 and size 15 seed beads as well as 4mm Czech crystals.  As a result the bracelet is nice and substantial.  With the polymer clay parakeets being lighter than the glass portions, there’s no problem with the parakeet focal point sliding underneath the wrist, so the bracelet wears well.

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