Polymer Paradise

For the last four days I’ve had the fabulous experience of attending Polypalooza, Clayville’s (northern California polymer clay group) retreat in Reno.  There were 18 of us for the full four days, and about a half dozen more dropping in for a day or two.  It was four days of comraderie and creativity – a real treat.  It was my first time, but I will certainly go again and again.

Here are a few of the pieces I made there.  I did the little bear first.  I made him without the leaves and made a mold from him.  Don’t know if I’ll be successful, but I’d like to mold some ceramic pieces.  After the bear I made a raccoon head and again made a mold.

Then it was on to several little horse totems, out of which grew the zebras and then the giraffe.  These are small pieces – the zebras are 1 1/4″ tall. The zebras were very popular, so I made two more for the raffle and the woman who really, really wanted them won them!  Yea!

Most of the women were working with canes and I got the bug – but just a mild case.  As soon as I got home I made the leaf canes and added the wreath to the bear cub.  Then I made lots of leaf beads and am working on a necklace.

It was good to get back to polymer clay.  And great to be with so many talented people who are such unabashed clay enthusiasts.


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