A Rabbit Cabochon

I made this little polymer clay rabbit cabochon a few evenings ago.  My intention was to create a master that I could make a mold from because I’d like to try making some ceramic pendants to sell on Etsy.  If they worked out, I might invest in a small kiln that fires hot enough for stoneware and porcelain.  But in the meantime I’ll work in regular ceramics and fire them at the local store.

Although I was happy with the sculpting effort, I didn’t really like the piece that much until I added the antiquing.  The white finish just needed something more.

I probably should have made the mold before I antiqued it, but maybe it’s actually better this way.  Perhaps the molding material would have left a bit of residue which would make it difficult to get the antiquing (I used oil paint) to stick.  Don’t know.

I balk at parting with anything I make, but I just listed this piece on Etsy.  If I get around to using it in some bead embroidery before it sells, I’ll just unlist it.


2 thoughts on “A Rabbit Cabochon”

  1. No, I don't usually like to work from molds, so I don't make them of my own things. Also, with the ears the way they are, it would be difficult to get the polymer clay out of the mold!


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