The Murals

Here are a few photos of the first of the four murals I’m doing for the Ag building at the fairgrounds in Boonsboro, PA.

This first one was preceded by several preliminaries which, fortunately, won’t need to be repeated for the others.  The most time-consuming was building the easel/painting surface.  It’s 4 feet tall and 12 feel long and takes up much of the dining-room with the furniture all moved to the edges.  But then there was also enlarging the drawing to full size, doing the tracing, and transferring the tracing to the canvas. 

After finishing the painting and varnishing it, I hung it in the front hall since I don’t have any good place to store it.  I’ll ship it to Sharon in Boonsboro, probably in a few days.  The first photo is of the left half as it hangs in the front hall.  I invaded Fiona’s favorite nap spot!

The next photo is the right half.  I took it while it was still on an easel and not only is the easel surface slanted, but I took the photo at an angle because I couldn’t get very far back from the painting for any other vantage point.

I don’t claim this to be a great piece of art but I think it will look nice in the building, especially in a grouping with the other three.


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